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    What We Can Do

    PCB Fabrication

    Our factory can manufacture single-layer PCB, double-layer PCB, multi-layer PCB and even up to 18-layer PCB based on FR4, CEM1, Aluminum, Rogers and PI,etc.

    PCB Design & layout

    You give us a schematic, we show you a circuit board, even you give us an idea, we make it come truth. LEABON has a skilled technician team to design your PCB solutions no matter whether it is small or large.

    PCB Assembly

    LEABON provides one-stop PCB assembly services for electronics manufacturing, from components sourcing, PCB production, SMT, DIP, PCB assembly to finished-product assembly.

    PCBA Prototype

    Our Prototype PCBA is a specialized service, it help us and our customers take different PCBA solutions and designs into account, and help us test them out without worrying about PCB assemblage workmanship.

    PCBA Test

    A team is equipped with 3 skilled technical engineers to put our strict testing flows and standards into practice in the whole testing flow by FCT, ICT, AOI and so on.

    Components Sourcing

    Global authentic channels of original IC & electronic parts and strong associations with well-known component manufacturers including Digi-Key, Avnet, Farnell, Samtec, Mouser Electronics, etc.


    We provide kinds of communication modules such as Wi-Fi communication modules, 2.4GHz Bluetooth modules, 2.4GHz Zigbee modules, GPRS/GSM communication modules and also provide modules assembly service.

    Enclosure Assembly

    From case design & mold develpment to enclosure assembly, one-stop service can be provided by equipping a professional project team and assembly lines.

    What We Are Doing

    • Multi-layer PCB

      Multi-layer PCB

    • Industrial Controller PCBA

      Industrial Controller PCBA

    • 3D Printer PCBA

      3D Printer PCBA

    • Communication Device PCBA

      Communication Device PCBA

    • Smart Home Device PCBA

      Smart Home Device PCBA

    • Medical Device PCBA

      Medical Device PCBA

    • Security Access Control Device PCBA

      Security Access Control Device PCBA

    • Electronic Manufacturing & Assembly

      Electronic Manufacturing & Assembly

    Why Choose Us

    Qulck response & Delivery

    48 hours for urgent PCB samples5-7 business days for normal PCB sample orders1-2 business weeks for PCBA prototype 10-16 business days for turnkey PCB assembly

    Certified manufacturing capacity

    We always persist in good quality and great reputation, Always proud to be certified by ISO9001:2008, SGS, CE, UL, RoHS and FCC, etc

    Cheaper while good quality

    How we make it? Look, we bring down PCB manufacturing/assembly cost by using leading-edge machines rather than human labor, this makes it possible for you to get great quality at economical price.

    Global IC & Component sourcing

    We acquire original IC & electronic parts from global authentic Channels and have built strong associations with well-known Component manufacturers

    Small quantlty runs

    We're experienced in running small-batch and turnkey PCB assy orders, besides, we are an experienced and contracted manfacturer of electronic manufacturing service (EMS).

    One-stop PCB & PCBA servlce

    We have been 14-year experience in providing one-stop service and we are always skilled at component sourcing, PCB design & layout, PCB fabrication, PCBA prototype, PCB assembly and PCBA testing.

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