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LEABON has 1 DIP lines. Benefiting from technical workbenches, rail cars and carriers, the DIP efficiency is immensely promoted so that the yield is up to 50,000,000 points per day. By reasonable KPI for the workers and the process manager, we optimize the DIP lines aiming at promoting the percent of pass up to 99.8%. 

FOR the quality control, firstly our DIP team always analyze the quality condition of PCBs which the client provided and propose some suggestion on optimization in DIP craft. Then the PE engineers need to make series of tests for the oven temperature in wave-soldering, scaling powder, the gradient, transfer rate and preheating zone and so on to fix up the best DIP quality. Finally they even make some special jigs to make sure the PCB passes through wave-soldering, as you know, this can protect the PCB in the whole wave-soldering. 

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