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YOU give us a schematic, we show you a circuit board, even you give us an idea, we make it come truth. LEABON has a skilled technician team to design your printed circuit board solutions no matter whether it is small or large. With professional software and expertise by the standard of industrial first-rate level, we are driven to the one of the best PCB solution suppliers. 

What We Can Do
» Excellent Expertise in design tools: Allegro, Pads, and Mentor Expedition.
» High density SMT designs (BGA, uBGA, PCI, PCIE, CPCI…)
» Flex PCB designs of all sorts
» Complete assembly drawings
» In-Circuit Test data generation (ICT)
» Drill, panel and cutout drawings designed
» Professional fabrication documents created
» High-speed, multi-layer digital PCB designs- Bus routing, differential pairs, matched lengths; Fast PCB design in 2-3 days.
» Concentrate on the PCB design Wi-Fi Module, BLE Module, GPS Tracking application.RF Modules,Medical-Care devices,LED PCB Boards.
» We come up with the design as per customer requirement,and take care for the RAW material cost at the outset of design.
» Full control for the PCB design, from requirement, Schematic, PCB Layout, SI/PI/EMI inspection, we will locate the design issues in the inspection processing.

THIS is conclusive evidence that keeping the cost of your Circuit Boards and their assembling low is an important part of planning your order. We've compiled a list of Electronic Board design suggestions to assist you with your Electronic Circuit Board design for easier assembling job. The following are some points to keep under consideration when designing your board to help keep the Electronic Board assembly cost decrease.

« Take advantage of a good drawing package that will locate the parts you are using on the Printed Circuit Board.
« Take a look at your Gerber & Excellon files with individual viewers, not just the one given to you by your design package.
« Get in touch with your Electronic Circuit Board assembler to assure the finish you opted for will perform the best with their assy processes.
« Start by laying the components that demand a specific location first.
« Leave no less than 100 mils between the components and the PCB Board perimeter.
« Make sure you space out the parts evenly both horizontally and vertically, and orient Electronic Circuit Board components to the same direction wherever possible. Ensure that the positioning of polarized components is the same. Keep from positioning your parts at angles rather than 0 or 90 degrees.
« If it is necessary to have parts on both of the sides, keep sensitive, bulky, or through-hole components on the primary side. In addition, any components which call for particular care and attention needs to be placed on the primary side of the Electronic Board likewise.
« Whenever making up your mind where you can place electronic parts, be certain to make an attempt to scale back trace lengths.

Last but not least, consider the volume of the run. In case you have a low volume then Electronic Board assy manually is a viable solution. If you have a high volume run, it’s always the most inexpensive to take benefit from mechanized Circuit Board assemblage. As well, the quantity is not only determined by the quantity of PCB Boards purchased but in addition the quantity of parts on every one PCB. Speak to your PCB Board assembler to know what volume your run is considered as.

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